Power Regulators Converters

Product Description Features:   Overcharge protection Overdischarge protection Short circuit protection Overcurrent protection Protect a single 3.7V lithium battery Protect multipl..


Product Description Feature:   Input voltage: 0.9-5V DC Mini PFM Control Output voltage: 5V DC Output Current: 500-600mA High conversion efficiency, maximum to 96%   Applications: ..


Product Description Parameter:   Module nature: non-isolated boost module Module size: length 65MM* height 23MM* (width 56.5MM including heat sink) Input mode: IN+ input positive, ..


Product Description Description:   4 in 1 charge/Discharger(boost)/battery protection/Battery level indicator modules DD06CVSA is a multifunctional 3.7V/4.2V mobile power module,4 ..


Product Description Description:   Input voltage : DC 4.5V-8V(Recommend DC 5V) Maximum charging current : 1000MA Full charge voltage : 4.2V+-2%. Led indicator: "OK" LED is fully ch..


Product Description Feature: Dual power rectifier filter power board, +- output with LED indication. The board can be equipped with a capacitor with a diameter of up to 35mm and a ..


Product Description Specifications:   Input voltage:  AC110/220V Output voltage: DC12-17V Output current: 200-300mA(adjustable) Product size: 55*29*21mm Working temperature: Ta: 50..


Product Description Features:   Fuel gauge system for single cell lithium-ion batteries Can be connected in circuit to monitor battery. Hardware and Software Reset. I2C Interface  ..


Product Description Feature:Power: 3WVoltage: DC-DC 5V to 3.3V/9V/12V/24VNote: The USB adapter does not includes, if you need it, please buy , Package includes:10 x Power supply mo..


Product Description Overview:   The power supply is isolated industrial-grade module power supply, with temperature protection, over-current protection and short-circuit protecti..


Product Description Feature:Input voltage: DC5.5-32V Output voltage: 5V (+-0.1V) Continuous output current: 1A   The DC-DC synchronous rectification step-down module has high conve..


Product Description Description:   Name: Single-cell lithium battery boost fast charging source module Main control chip: TPS61088A Identification chip: FP6601Q Input voltage: 2.8 ..


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